'Hell is Empty and all the Devils are Here'

In the 400th anniversary year of Shakespeare’s death, this year’s carnival will draw upon themes of conflict, transformation and harmony from his final play “The Tempest”. The carnival will commemorate the literary legend, bring current world issues to attention and culminate in a celebration of unity and peace within a unique community.

Join us for Global Grooves’ most exciting Carnival to date! With performances across the North West to look forward to, we invite you to become part of a brand new performance troupe or join us in the costume studio as a maker (or both!).

Get involved

Get involved

We’re recruiting our Carnival community to join this new and exciting programme.

1. Perform – Be part of our unique Carnival community! We welcome participants from all over who would like to wear a costume creation, and help bring the Carnival theatre to life!

2. Make – With day and night time performances to work towards, we invite you to join our making team to illuminate the costumes and inspire the performers to be their best!

3. Volunteer – Join our behind the scenes Carnival team and help make the magic happen!


1. Perform

Are you interested in costume wearing as part of our Carnival community? No experience necessary only your commitment to the project
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2. Make

Would you like to help to produce the costumes and visual elements of Creating Carnival 2016? Would you like to learn new making skills and join our Carnival mas camps? We’re going to produce new and unique Carnival costumes and structures and we want you to invite you to get hands on
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3. Volunteer

Producing a carnival parade involves the whole community. Perhaps you are not interested in arts or dance but would still like to input into the project. We will be recruiting several volunteers to help manage, steward and produce the parade and we’re inviting you!
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Join Creating Carnival 2016